Fixing What’s Broken

Citibike may find redemption after all. The bike-sharing program’s new owner has made a splash, shutting down the service over the weekend in order to update software and make other improvements. Long-term upgrades are also on the horizon, and there is hope yet for New York’s bike-sharing users. From WNYC’s Morning Edition:

“Things were broken when we came in,” said Jay Walder, the CEO of Motivate, which took over the bike share program last year. “The system wasn’t really built to handle the demands of this city.”

Things that didn’t work: the software, the management, and the infrastructure. It looks like Motivate is going to overhaul all three to finally give NYC a bike-sharing program that lowers the obstacles to use and blends more seamlessly into the larger transportation network.

So many city residents were turned off by the cacophony of complaints surrounding the Citibike service. Many never even bothered to try it, figuring it was just another hassle in a city already full of transportation hassles. But if Motivate follows through with better bikes, better docks, and better service all around, we may finally get to see the full potential of bike sharing in our fine city.

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